We’ve had a dream of settling back in Fayette County, IL after retiring from a career with a major agricultural company. That’s a different retirement destination than many have but after over 30 years on the road, with one son born in South Dakota, another in Colorado and living from Pennsylvania to Michigan to Denver, our focus was to return home. During those years we were able to purchase a few pieces of land and build our own refuge with a vision of opening a business using the renewable resources around us. Our dream has always been to share our vision with our family and friends, even friends we haven’t met yet! As our friend, we invite you to visit us and witness our products in the making. What Makes Witness Distillery Different? Just About Everything.

Many distilleries use processed, chlorinated, fluoridated water. Not at Witness. We source the water for all our products from our pristine well to prepare our mash. After distillation, we finish our products with clean spring water that flows year-round. Who else crafts their spirits for you with such care?

The Results Are Yours to Enjoy.

Great Grandpa McMillan’s Highlands Whisky

Made closely following the process prescribed by law for scotch whisky. It’s our flagship offering. By law, whisky must be made in Scotland to be called “Scotch”. No exceptions. But we’re sure Grandpa would be proud of how we’ve honored his ancestry.

Pure, unadulterated and organic, like in the old country. Premium spirits for your palate.

Witness Whiskey

Made with certified organic corn, rye and barley. We filter it through maple charcoal made from trees harvested from our woods. It’s then aged in new white oak barrels where we monitor it carefully (by tasting of course) and capture it in a bottle for you only when ready.

Witness Moonshine

Witness Moonshine shines bright. The only grain used in this recipe is certified organic corn. Simple and crisp. Your tastebuds will say “thank you”.

618 Rums

618 Rums are crafted with real blackstrap molasses direct from the Caribbean. Available in white, dark and spiced. As the name implies, you can source your own bottle of finished product from “down south”, where the 618 Area Code is in use. Take 61.8 and add 18.2 and you get a perfect 80 proof for each bottle. We’re just a bit north of the Caribbean. All our liquers are infused with natural flavors and real cane sugar. Our Maple Reserve is sweetened with our own syrup made each fall and our limoncello is destined to become a summertime favorite.

Organic corn, rye, wheat
and oats.

Organic rye, wheat and oats.

Witness Distllery Tour

An Education is Distillation.

Did you know many distillers don’t even make their own liquor? They buy it from a big manufacturer that each sell to dozens of “distillers” who slap their label on it.

Our Label

Our label states mashed, distilled and bottled by Witness Distillery for a good reason. Because you have the right to know and trust the source of your spirits. 

We welcome you to come by and see our products in the making. We’re a little off the beaten-path but take your time on the last five miles and you’ll be fine…rain or shine. However you get here, by motorbike, car, truck or trike, we’d love to have you stop in.


During the days our distillery is open, tours are held at the top of each hour (and sometimes in-between). Your experience will include:

• Insight on how we create our products

• A bit about the history of the whiskey business in southern Illinois that will leave you both shaken and stirred

• What makes our neighborhood special

• A taste of our spirits and a glass of fresh spring water

Depending on the time of year, you may also find us cooking mushrooms we harvest from our woods, sipping fresh sassafras tea in the fall or making our own maple syrup.

We have our spring water available for purchase as well so you can take a bottle with you if you like it.

We support activities in our community through donating 5% of our net profits to worthwhile causes.


3 – 9 pm

11 – 9 pm

Noon – 6 pm

Monday to Thursday
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Witness Distillery
1223 E3100 Avenue
Herrick, IL 62431